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JYCTY Perfume Oils Reviewed By Justin Copeland

by Jason Feldman on June 03, 2021

Our Perfume oils were reviewed by Justin Copeland from Stay fresh Productions
This is what he had to say about each of the perfume oils:


Midnight Musk

Smelling sexy and musky post-sundown has never been easier. Midnight Musk’s soft, but present aura has no problem drawing others closer to you, and keeping them there. It opens brightly with invigorating bergamot and minty geranium, but the sweet, leathery, and musky profile is easily detectable behind this pleasant freshness. Lavender in the heart makes it very calming. As the scent dries on your skin, it is made warmer and cozier by notes of tobacco and smooth suede, with sandalwood adding a creamy woody finish.

Ride or Die
How can you feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time? Those emotions appear to be oxymoronic. But be assured: it’s possible with one whiff of Ride or Die. This perfectly unisex fragrance features a bright and juicy bergamot, the orange-floral nature of neroli, and a beautiful lime note, all to engage your senses. This fresh opening is juxtaposed with a soft and soothing lavender and jasmine heart. But don’t worry, it’s not only cute and fluffy—a base of rich and warm amber and woody cedar give Ride or Die some legs to stand out among the crowd.

Heart of Gold
Innocent yet playful. That is Heart of Gold. This sweet and delightful aroma will make you feel good in the most infectious way, and everyone around you will follow suit. A fruity cocktail of candy apple, raspberry, and coconut creates a bubbly and welcoming opening to the scent. Creamy and fresh florals like rose and heliotrope support from the background, further enhancing the playful nature of the scent. All of this fun is grounded in a warm and sensual dry down of sweet vanilla, rich amber, and sexy cashmere musk. Prepare to charm anyone who catches a whiff of your Heart of Gold.

Black Heart
Like a warm cup of your favorite coffee on a cold day, Black Heart is simply good for the soul. A beautiful fruity nuance from pear is thickened by the floral nature of the orange blossom, lending a dense but bright sweetness at first sniff. It doesn’t take long for the heart of creamy, vanilla coffee to reveal itself in the most reassuring manner. A grounding base of woods turns Black Heart more comfy and cozy as it dries, and those who catch an intimate whiff will return for more.

Cuba Luna
The intoxicating heat of La Havana awaits you. Feel the Gulf’s fresh morning air on Cuba’s northern shores with an invigorating citrus opening of bergamot, lemon, and lime. By midday, lavender keeps you fresh, but cardamom starts to spice things up alongside a beautiful combo of fresh rose and tropical melon. As the sun sets and dusk approaches, creamy, sweet and warm notes of sandalwood, amber, vanilla, and musk have you ready to take on the nightlife of the city. La Cuba Luna will remind you of how beautiful it is to be alive in a beautiful place, with beautiful people!

Lust for life
Want to flirt without saying a word? Lust For Life will do all the talking. This sweet and provocative perfume is purely magnetic. With playful citruses, a fresh, spicy floral heart, and a musky woody base, everyone around you will know you’re there to have a good time. Prepare for double-takes, raised eye brows, and smiles as you enter the room and make yourself known.

Easily be the sunshine in every room with Sundaze. Become the most delightful bouquet of fresh flowers and bring a smile to everyone who has the pleasure of being near you. A beautiful fruity-floral opening of mimosa, carnation, and juicy plum provides a bright and fresh sweetness that immediately captures the senses and brings a light to your eye. The floral fun continues as fresh rose, magnolia, and delicate white lily fill out the heart of Sundaze, keeping the spotlight on you. A creamy base of musk and sandalwood makes for a sensual finish that welcomes the end of your lovely day.

How can florals be this seductive? Don’t let the name fool you: while Innocent is polite and pleasant, it has a silent allure that is irresistible. It is that powerful feeling when your eye contact with an attractive stranger lingers for a second longer than normal. Innocent opens with a light and fresh water Lily that perfectly blends with a subtle bright orange. A bouquet of sweet florals like freesia and violet maintain your attention for a touch longer than you expected. Those lucky enough to engage with you will become intoxicated by your scent, but they will be too dazed to admit it. Musk and sandalwood fill out Innocent’s base notes, which makes for a long-lasting and smooth dry-down. Let them believe your innocence for now. They’ll be back.

Wood Fragrance Enhancer
It is dawn; the still-darkened sky is just beginning to reveal its most beautiful oranges, magentas, and soft blues. You’re standing at the edge of the forest, comforting embrace of the tree’s warm wood fills your nostrils. There is a cool breeze at your back that encourages your stillness. Wood Fragrance Enhancer is transportive all by itself, but it can also be used to enrich your favorite musky, woody, and amber fragrances. The scent is light with a touch of sweetness from red apple, a little green from coniferous pine, and a base of musk, amber, and cedar wood lends a dry warmth that is purely welcoming.

Strong Silent Type
To be as invisible yet undeniable as the wind makes you an enigma...and if you haven’t heard, mystery is very attractive. Strong Silent Type transcends your typical fragrance—it may go unnoticed to some and will completely captivate others. It is a soft and simple blend of warm and dry cedar wood and amber that will linger in your space whether or not those around you are aware. As a result, it has the power to subconsciously affect people in your vicinity in a way they won’t be able to explain to you nor themselves. Those that are fortunate enough to detect it will simply be intoxicated by your aura. Good luck keeping them away from you.

Amber Musk
The moon illuminates the decorated courtyard as a warm summer breeze caresses your shoulders. Wrapped in the sweet scent of vanilla, amber, and a touch white rose, you feel compelled to move your body along with the music filling the air. Someone across the way catches your eye, and you catch theirs. You beckon them with a single raise of the eyebrow, and in a matter of seconds you’re dancing. As you move through the night, the spicy aroma of cardamom swirls around you both, intensifying the energy between you. As your skin heats up, a musky sweetness envelops your partner’s senses, bringing them closer to you. You want this moment to last forever.

Happy Valley
The cool morning breeze through the opening of your tent invites you to step outside into the day. The dew on the grass and leaves immediately fills your nostrils as you take your first breath of the brisk air. The trees are releasing their sap, the balsamic and citrusy sweetness intermingling with the spicy ginger tea that your companion hands to you with enthusiasm. As you pack your tent to move to your next destination, the exposed crushed grass and leaves emanate a green freshness that invigorates you. The dry woodiness of the cedar trees around you welcome you back into the wild for your next adventure.

Vanilla Sky
A few dabs of Vanilla Sky, and you are a temptress. You are seductive, and you are irresistible. Madagascar vanilla and heliotrope combine to create a succulent, creamy, and floral mixture that is a caress to the senses. Vanilla Sky is as supple as silk, as smooth as satin, but don’t be fooled by its round edges—a base of rich amber and smooth sandalwood will relentlessly attract anyone who draws near.

Cashmere Musk
Like pulling your most cozy and comfortable sweater over your head, and feeling how it slides down over your torso for a perfect fit...that is the feeling you get when you smell Cashmere Musk. Bergamot, lemon, and cucumber make for a refreshing opening that is bound to bring a smile to your face. And it only gets better. A floral heart of soft jasmine and sweet violet create a truly addictive nature in the undercurrents of the scent. Finally, the magic happens—with a base whose notes bear the namesake of the fragrance, cashmere and musk combine to envelop the scent in sensuous contentment, you included. Lay back. Kick your feet up, and relax.

If a scent could intimidate, it is undoubtedly that of Rebellion. Italian bergamot and applewood create a fresh and woody opening that quickly gives way to the true identity of the scent: a sweet and fiery concoction tonka bean with spices like cardamom and all spice at the heart. Rebellion emanates power all on its own, and that power will be felt when this scent is smelled in the air. A robust base of earthy patchouli, dry cedar wood, and oakmoss ensures that the scent will remain on your skin all day, and your authoritative presence will be undeniable. Empower yourself with Rebellion and seize the day!

Soothing Lavender
Allow your worries to melt away with the calming scent of Soothing Lavender. A floral and uplifting blend of fragrant pine and spices add brightness to the heart of aromatic lavender and medicinal camphor, which is sure to bring peace to the mind. Dry cedar wood and the tranquil scent of Ho Wood make up the base of the fragrance, helping to ground you and giving you confidence. No matter what troubles you may face on this day, with Soothing Lavender, rest assured that you will prevail.

Floral Rain
Soothing and charming all at the same time. Floral Rain is an attractive bouquet of florals accented by a bright pineapple. The thick and creamy nature of jasmine in the heart is most prominent, lending a seductive edge to the scent in the air. This is paired with a green and ozonic base, which makes for a fresh and watery accord in the background that is as refreshing as a warm Spring rain shower. The soft aroma of Floral Rain is utterly inviting.

Santalum Soul

This attractive concoction of just notes of sandalwood and cedar wood makes for an undeniably inviting duality. The dry and powerful nature of cedar wood meets the warm, creamy, and sweet nature of sandalwood, for a beautiful olfactory balancing act that will entice anyone who catches a whiff. Perfect for a chilly Autumn evening, Santalum Soul is authoritative, yet incredibly seductive.

Juicy and mouthwatering citrus notes of lime and bergamot will hit you immediately like a refreshing glass of cold lemonade on a hot Summer day. This bright opening is made even more fresh by a heart of aromatic lavender and watery cucumber. Black tea adds balance with a calming element. However, we can’t just have brightness and calm; a seductive edge is need to complete the balance, and a warm base of musk and amber will give you just that. Instantly become the sunshine in any room with RYZN!

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