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Perfume To Wear According to Zodiac Sign

by Jason Feldman on July 12, 2021
Perfume To Wear According to Zodiac Sign

Astrology is thought to have emerged in Babylonia around 600BC. The earth takes a full year to orbit the sun, and from our perspective, the sun forms a circular journey against the stars. This plane is called an Ecliptic. The ecliptic is 360-degrees and can be broken up into twelve separate 30-degree chunks, each representing a sign.

Each of these sections represents the position of the sun and the stars when we were born. Ancient mystics believed the placement of the sun helped form our personalities. Zodiac signs belong to an element of either earth, fire, water, or air, and they are each ruled by a specific planet.

Scents carry moods and feelings that relate to our personality and many of them contain an energy that chimes well with different signs.

Below, we’ll examine the different Zodiac signs and learn how each of their qualities can be complemented by different perfumes.


TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)


While a Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty, they are very grounded people. Patient, warm, and loving, this earth sign is ambitious but loyal to the people around them. 

An ideal fragrance for a Taurus matches their strong yet sweet nature. Something that blends the sharp, bold notes of citrus but has a floral heart is a good match.

 JYCTY Original-Lust For Life opens with a head-turning citrusy burst of lemon and lime before settling into a floral heart of roses that contains a touch of clove and cucumber. The base is musk, with amber and cedarwood, making this a perfume that every Taurus will love. 



ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

Perfume for Taurus

Aries are energetic, adventurous, impulsive, and quick-witted. They are passionate leaders with a sunny disposition who value directness over ornate and complicated details.

 A complimentary fragrance for Aries will accentuate their sporty, fun, and vibrant personalities while replicating their softer, caring side.

JYCTY Original-RYZN is a good match for a Aries because of the mix of sharp citrus with a softer floral heart. The opening notes of bergamot and lime are formidable and energetic, but the freshness of watery cucumber and aromatic lavender speak to the softer, more delicate centre of the aries.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

Perfume For Gemini

Gemini is a curious, youthful, and vibrant sign. Easily bored and somewhat superficial, the Gemini likes to live in the now. They are intelligent and outgoing people, represented fittingly by Twins.

If Gemini seems like an uneven mix of contrasts, it's precisely because they are. Serious vs. playful, high-brow vs. low-brow, deep vs. superficial, this is a sign that is changeable and refuses to be categorized easily. Fragrances that contain a mix of contrasting elements, like floral and aromatic accords, will suit these dualistic personalities.

Our Impression Of Bleecker Street opens with thyme, blueberry, and cassis, transforms into middle notes of jasmine and cedar, before drying down into an oakmoss and suede base. This excellent blend of different moods and feelings sums up the typical Gemini.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

perfume for cancerian

Cancers are very emotional, cautious, and protective people. Complicated, creative, and artistic, they are prone to mood swings and irritability because of their caring nature.

They are dreamers who prefer familiar home comforts over adventure and exploration. Bright, exciting notes like raspberry or coconut are an excellent mix for these creative souls.

JYCTY Original-Heart Of Gold is the perfect foil for Cancer because of its soft, comforting opening notes of raspberry, coconut, and candy apple. But the middle notes are a rich floral blend that could open them out of their comfort zones and help them embrace the outdoors.


LEO (July 23 - August 21)

perfume for Leo

At their best, Leos are warm, enthusiastic, and kind people. However, they also tend towards arrogance and self-regard. Confident, dramatic, and very comfortable in the spotlight, Leo's make excellent, if occasionally difficult, friends.

Scents that chime well with Leo are bright and attention-grabbing. Fresh scents with woody elements are an excellent mix for these big, bold personalities.

JYCTY Original-Rebellion has an empowering and authoritative feel that starts out with bergamot and applewood before revealing its spicy heart of allspice, tonka bean, and cardamom. Leo's vital and dominant facets mesh well with this vibrant scent that pulsates with confidence and power.


VIRGO (August 22 - September 23)

perfume for Virgo

Virgos are shy, practical, and prone to worry. More comfortable with meticulous planning rather than freewheeling impulsiveness, these analytical perfectionists are hardworking and reliable.

Of course, even though they have a nurturing and caring personality, they don't have unlimited patience. Fragrances that suit Virgos are soft and comforting but with a touch of luxury. Floral notes with a hint of citrus work well for these types, as long as they have a solid outside element to represent their stronger side.

JYCTY Original-Cashmere Musk opens with lemon, cucumber, and bergamot, combining with a violet and jasmine heart. These qualities chime with Virgo's nurturing side, but the base of luxurious cashmere and musk form a solid, earthy foundation that resonates with the Virgo inner strength.


LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

perfume for Libra

Libras are charming, romantic, social butterflies who are idealistic and love peace and harmony. Occasionally they can drift into self-indulgence and jealousy, but they make committed friends or partners.

For Libra's, the Zodiacs' natural diplomats, the best fragrances tend to be neutral, earthy accords that are pleasing for all. 

Our Impression Of Terre D'Hermes is a beautiful summer scent that encapsulates the Libra. Bright, fresh notes of orange and grapefruit give way to a harmonious middle of pelargonium and spicy pepper before drying down into a woody blend of vetiver, cedar, and patchouli. Agreeable, pleasant, and well-blended, it's just what a Libra wants.


SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

perfume for Scorpio

The Scorpio is a passionate, determined, and compulsive personality type. Emotional and magnetic, they are prone to jealousy and resentment on occasion. More broadly, however, they are honest and brave and occasionally a little secretive. 

Fragrances that suit a Scorpio should look to match their magnetic and loving personality but still leave room for their mysterious and secretive side. Subtle musk fragrances that draw people in make an excellent match.

JYCTY Original-Strong Silent Type is an excellent accompaniment for alluring and secretive types. The soft blend of amber and cedarwood works on a subconscious level, complementing the Scorpio's inviting aura.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 22)

perfume for Sagitarius

The Sagittarius is a brave, good-humored, and straightforward type. They love exploring and traveling to strange and distant lands where their optimistic and open-minded temperament can learn about and explore new people and cultures.


The Sagittarius has a strong desire for new and unique places, so the scents that chime with them recall summer nights in far-off, unfamiliar locations.


JYCTY Original-Luna is inspired by sultry Havana nights. This is a perfect scent for a Sagittarius with wanderlust on their minds. Fresh bursts of lemon, bergamot and lime combine with fresh, expansive flowers and plants like rose, melon, and lavender. Vanilla, sandalwood, and musk form a creamy, mysterious and exotic base.

CAPRICORN (December 23 - January 20)

perfume for Capricon


Capricorns are driven, funny, and a little reserved. They are loyal and pragmatic and often a little over-focused on self-discipline. Their patience and practicality make them excellent workers who don't need to be the center of attention and prefer to get the job done.

Scents that work best for Capricorns can encourage them to break out of their focus and hard work and embrace the other aspects of their personality.

JYCTY Original- Floral Rain is a great Capricorn fragrance that matches their low-key nature with something a bit more open and charming. Top notes of pineapple and citrus lend a determined edge that softens out with a floral bouquet and a fresh green ozonic base.

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

perfume for Aquarius

The Aquarius is a worldly, independent, and spontaneous sign. Friendly, loyal, and with a deep affection for others —and humanity as a whole —these personalities are often analytic and assertive, but can be seen by some as unemotional and unsentimental.

One of the defining characteristics of Aquarius is their desire to make changes and feel stimulated. Some of the most suitable fragrances for these types are intense floral scents that fire the imagination and the mind.

JYCTY Original-Ride Or Die is a classic scent for adventurous Aquarius. Neroli, lime, and bergamot will grab their attention, but the floral heart and base of cedarwood and amber will suit their independent streak.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

perfume for pisces

Pisces people tend to live in their minds. Imaginative, artistic, and sensitive, they can be disorganized and changeable. They often have a reputation for being changeable, constantly needing to renew and refresh their environments and even social groups.

Because Pisces are changeable, they need a scent with enough going on to keep them interested.

Our Impression Of Tobacco Vanille is an excellent fragrance for Pisces because of its off-beat and unusual ingredients. Tobacco and vanilla are the most prominent scents, with dried fruits and cacao giving this perfume an energetic and alluring presence.



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